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At MyStartupsinc, innovation meets expertise! Our seasoned team excels in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to elevate your projects. Committed to excellence, we ensure your venture receives the attention it deserves. Trust MyStartupsinc to navigate innovation and propel your business forward—your vision, our mission.

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Trailblazing in web development, we lead as a creative digital agency.

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We offer marketing services tailored for startups and small businesses seeking a digital media, design, development, lead generation, and communications partner. We collaborate with you rather than simply working for you, leveraging our extensive resources. Our seasoned team of passionate consultants excels in the nuances of search engine marketing, bringing a wealth of experience and talent to your projects.

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Nour Abdelaziz

Message from Our Founder & CEO

Nour Abdelaziz stands at the helm of MyStartupsInc as its dynamic CEO & Founder, leading a digital transformation revolution for clients across diverse sectors, including F&B, Marketing, Wholesale, Pharmaceutical, and Logistics. His entrepreneurial journey began remarkably early, earning him the distinction of Egypt's youngest entrepreneur at the tender age of 14.

Nour's impact extends far beyond the boardroom. Before establishing MyStartupsInc, he co-founded technology-based ventures, notably contributing to the creation of Gift Card Solutions tailored for 3rd World Countries. This early experience laid the foundation for his innovative mindset and problem-solving approach, which he brings to every project at MyStartupsInc.

A recognizable figure in the media landscape, Nour has shared his insights in interviews with prestigious outlets such as BBC UK, ONTV, MBC Egypt, DMC, and various renowned news agencies. His ability to navigate the intersection of technology and business has garnered attention, solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in the industry.

Beyond business, Nour is driven by a profound sense of social responsibility. Actively engaged in philanthropy, he channels his success to benefit numerous charitable causes in his home country, Egypt. From supporting cancer hospitals to contributing to the Egyptian Food Bank and various orphanages across the nation, Nour's commitment to community welfare is an integral part of his entrepreneurial journey.

In essence, Nour Abdelaziz embodies a unique blend of business acumen, technological innovation, and social consciousness. His story, marked by achievements and a relentless pursuit of positive impact, continues to inspire both within and beyond the MyStartupsInc ecosystem.



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