• Customer Name: FIXIT Egypt
  • Category: Website Development
  • Date: 07/16/2017
  • Status: Completed
  • Demo Link:
  • Tags: Website Development, Marketing, Branding

Our collaboration with FIXIT Egypt, a door-to-door maintenance service, aimed to revolutionize the way customers access and order maintenance services. The multifaceted project encompassed the development of an intuitive website, the creation of a distinctive brand identity, and the execution of a targeted marketing campaign.

The core of our solution was the development of a user-friendly website that enabled customers to order maintenance services with a simple click. We designed an intuitive interface that facilitated seamless navigation, allowing users to effortlessly browse services, schedule appointments, and receive cost estimates. The website not only provided convenience for customers but also streamlined the operational workflow for FIXIT Egypt.

Understanding the importance of a strong brand presence, we worked closely with FIXIT Egypt to create a distinctive brand identity. This involved crafting a logo, defining color schemes, and establishing a visual language that conveyed professionalism and reliability. The branding aimed to resonate with the target audience, instilling trust and confidence in the FIXIT Egypt service.

To drive awareness and engagement, we devised and executed a targeted marketing campaign. Utilizing a mix of digital channels and traditional advertising, the campaign focused on highlighting the convenience and reliability of FIXIT Egypt’s door-to-door maintenance services. From online advertisements to social media promotions, each element was strategically aligned with the brand message to maximize reach and impact.

The collective efforts resulted in a transformative digital platform for FIXIT Egypt. The website became a hub for customers seeking hassle-free maintenance services, while the distinctive branding and strategic marketing campaign elevated FIXIT Egypt’s visibility in the market. The project showcased our ability to integrate web development, branding, and marketing into a cohesive solution that not only met but exceeded the expectations of FIXIT Egypt and its customers. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to digital innovation and comprehensive solutions for service-oriented businesses.